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Please check out Allen's melodic jazz recording "Ritzville"!

"Ritzville" features the legendary Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke, & Los Angeles jazz stars. Available here and on iTunes. 

5 Stars!  Each copy of "Ritzville" purchased on this site will by autographed by Allen!

AV Classical & Jazz Study books exclusively here. Visit 'books' under the Merchandise tab.

"Allen Vizzutti is the real deal, a virtuoso performer quietly going about the business of making some of the finest music on record." - @ CriticalJazz 


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Visit the Allen Vizzutti Community Here.

The forum was opened for a while and had some great Q&A with Allen Vizzutti.
Mr. Vizzutti has been too busy to participate in the forum, however there
are still plenty of interesting things to read in the various posts.
You may still share experiences with other trumpet players, and read
through the tips and advice Allen provided while posting on the forum.
The future of the forum is uncertain, but for now it is mostly dormant
but available for informational reading.


"Fire Dance" Solo Sheet Music

Firedance Solo PDF

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Scamper Etude MP3

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Scamper Etude PDF

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All-New is Here

Allen Vizzutti is on his way to realeasing his brand-new solo album 'Ritzville', and is the best place on the net to recieve news and updates about Allen's tours, books, projects, and more. The new makeover is just in time for the release of Ritzville, and as Vizzutti remains busy within the music community with live performances and visits to college campuses, you can keep informed on Allen's latest projects, and performances all in one place. Allen also hopes to share some of his unreleased or unscripted works at some point, as well as new tracks he records independantly. Join the fanpage on Facebook and get Allen's status updates and news reminders.





Tracklist for 'Ritzville' is here

Allen's latest solo album Ritzville is set to be released this month. The tracklist and album cover are now available only at album features Vizzutti's original tracks and guest artists Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke. Preorder the album today and be the first to recieve the record.

Pre-order the at the store in the merchadise section.






Chick Invites Allen to Sit-In

Allen had an unscheduled sit-in with Chick Corea at Jazz Alley in Seattle, WA this past Monday. Chick Corea is being featured for multiple performances at Jazz Alley Chick invited Allen to bring his trumpet to a performance when Vizzutti was attending the club with family. Tickets to Jazz Alley are available online, and they have some very talented musicions come through, and it is a classy environment. If you are in Seattle and have not visited Jazz Alley, it should be on your bucketlist.

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